TRIA specializes in a wide portfolio of marketing research and consulting services ranging from one-time fieldwork data collection to complete project management of ad-hoc market research strategies and solutions.

Management expertise lies in both domestic and international markets. Through our experience, we are uniquely positioned to develop and execute projects from both agency and client perspectives while maintaining a fundamental understanding of our clients and their business.

Strategic relationships with institutes and consultants further allow us to develop state-of-the-art projects utilizing specialized information and human resources to exclusively meet the requirements of our clients.

Our commitment to Partnership Management enables us to fully understand our client's needs and priorities. While our methodology and techniques are in line with industry, economic and management standards, we always maintain flexibility for individual client objectives.

Every project embarked upon by TRIA is developed utilizing a proven combination of Research Design, Sampling Design and Data Collection Methodology, which are comprehensive and result-oriented.

In addition to our unique strength in the domestic market we have extensive international experience, where we frequently collaborate our business partners. So far, we completed several projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Israel, Algeria, UAE and Hong Kong.